Advanced Innovation for Enhanced Well Production

About Us


TRIAD Well Service, L.L.C., is a service supplier that administers both support and products to the oil and gas industry


We seek to provide our customers with exceptional, advanced products and service that will enhance well production, prevent common ongoing and future complications, and implement continued assistance in the use of our products.


TRIAD Well Service, L.L.C., was formed with over 150 years of combined oilfield experience. At the outset, the founders of TRIAD Well Service, L.L.C., determined what the biggest dilemmas in well production were and set about creating products specifically designed to remedy those difficulties. Wherever there were underserved issues that needed resolving in oil and gas production, TRIAD Well Service, L.L.C., sought to pinpoint those obstacles and overcome them with inventive and groundbreaking new products, products that are literally, second-to-none in the oilfield.


Our founding members have diverse backgrounds within the oil and gas industry. Our various backgrounds provide a customer experience that few other companies in our industry can parallel.


Located in South Texas we have a worldwide outlook and can arrange for the global shipping and servicing of our products. Recently, our main focus has been servicing the Eagle Ford basin with a predominant emphasis in paraffin control.



Take a look at our products, here. Their field-proven effectiveness and lab-tested results demonstrate they are in a class of their own. From our patent-pending product, RELEASE™, which controls and prevents paraffin deposition like nothing else on the market, to CORRAVERT™, a tried and true corrosion inhibitor, TRIAD Well Service, L.L.C., has a product for all of your production needs.

 TRIAD Well Service, LLC

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